Why Pump Out Your Septic Tank?

Regular maintenance is critical to the life of your septic system. It is necessary to pump out your septic tank at least once every 3-5 years to ensure that it continues to function properly. As you use your septic system, solids build up in your septic tank. If these solids aren’t cleaned out of your septic tank regularly they can clog the filter or cause sewage to back up into the house. Solids from a full septic tank can also flow into the drainfield. This is much like a heart attack for your septic system, and can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your drainfield. Regular pumping and maintenance of your septic system will extend its life and ensure that it keeps operating properly. Call 850-877-2824 to speak with one of our State licensed septic installers or to schedule a pump out.

Why choose Apalachee Septic to pump out your septic tank?