Tallahassee Septic Services

Apalachee Septic provides a wide variety of septic services for nearly any septic system in Tallahassee and its surrounding areas. We use the latest innovations in drainfield design and high tech environmentally friendly septic systems to bring you the best quality and longevity for your septic system. Please call (850) 877-2824 for more information.

– Septic Services Offered by Apalachee Septic:
– Septic System Repairs
– New Installation of Residential and Commercial Septic Systems
– Septic System Pumping: (A maintenance pump out should be done on any septic system at least every 3 to 5 years.)
– Real Estate Septic Inspections
– Site Evaluations for Permits and System Design:
– Our on-staff Environmental Health Specialists can write permits, design, evaluate, and engineer both new system installations and those needing repair. We are licensed by the state of Florida to perform the same septic inspections as Health Department personnel, but offer the advantage of reduced permitting time and can often reduce installation costs through our attention to individualized design and specilized techniques.
– Performance Based Treatment Systems: Installation, maintainence, service and repair
 – Performance Based Treatment Systems (PBTS) like those currently being required in Wakulla County and proposed for use in Leon County
– Drip Irrigation Drainfields
– Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) We are specialists in Nitrogen Reduction and ATUs. Please take a look at our information on aerobic treatment septic systems.
– Septic Maintenance Contracts
– Two year maintenance contracts for Aerobic Treatment Units and Performance Based Treatment Systems
– Three year maintenance contracts for standard systems designed for customers who wish to prolong the life of their septic system.
– Septic System Additions
– Existing system evaluations for permitting of additions to existing homes.

How a Septic System Works provides detailed descriptions of a standard septic system. Also see our page on the newest innovations in the field using Nitrogen Reduction and Aerobic Treatment Units which dramatically improve the quality of the effluent. This technology is especially important in environmentally sensitive areas, such as the Wakulla Springs protection area.