Lenzyme Septic Additive

Lenzyme is a natural, environmentally friendly septic additive designed to help your septic system work better and last longer. Lenzyme contains a specialized blend of natural bacteria that digest wastes far more effectively than the bacteria that normally exist in septic systems. This keeps the pipes and septic tank cleaner, allowing them to flow more freely and back up less often. Lenzyme also hinders sludge buildup in the drainfield, which can cause septic system failure. Each box of Lenzyme contains a one-year supply of additive for your septic system. Each of the 12 packets is poured down the drains or toilets every month. Lenzyme is similar to leading brands of septic additives, such as Ridex, but costs less and works more effectively. Unlike many chemical drain cleaners, Lenzyme will not cause damage to plumbing, the septic system, or the environment. To order Lenzyme additive for your septic system, call 850-877-2824