ATU Septic System Repair and Maintenance

Apalachee Septic is a licensed Aerobic Treatment System repair and maintenance entity serving Tallahassee, Wakulla County, Saint George Island, Franklin County, Gadsden County, and the surrounding areas. We install, repair, and service Norweco, HOOT, FAST, and Clearstream Aerobic Treatment Septic Systems (ATUs). We are also the official Florida distributor and maintenance entity for the groundbreaking high tech Nitrex septic systems.

What is an Aerobic Treatment Septic System?
Aerobic Treatment Septic Systems, or ATUs, are a type of high tech septic system that treats waste far more effectively than traditional septic systems. ATU systems utilize high tech aeration systems to maintain an environment where aerobic bacteria can thrive. This specialized bacteria greatly reduces nitrate levels, minimizing the environmental impact of your septic system.

Aerobic Treatment Septic System Maintenance Laws:
Because Aerobic Treatment Septic Systems require regular maintenance to ensure they operate properly, State Septic Code requires that they must be maintained at all times by a licensed ATU maintenance entity. All Aerobic Treatment Units must also be permitted by the local County Health Department. ATU operating permits are issued for a period of 2 years, and must be accompanied with a 2-year maintenance contract with a licensed ATU maintenance entity. If systems are not properly permitted and maintained, the local Health Department may impose severe fines.

Why Choose an ATU Septic System?
In certain environmentally sensitive areas, the local Health Department requires that all septic system installations and repairs must be Aerobic Treatment Septic Systems. All of Wakulla County and Saint George Island are currently required to install ATU septic systems. ATU Septic Systems can also be installed optionally in any county if the homeowner is concerned with minimizing their impact on the environment by choosing a high tech environmentally friendly septic system. For more information on the environmental impact of Aerobic Treatment Systems in Wakulla County, view our article on Wakulla ATU Septic Systems.