Apalachee Septic Review by Jackie M.

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This is a WONDERFUL company to deal with!

It was a delight to find someone that REALLY knows what they’re doing! I called, because they were in my area, and almost didn’t leave a voice mail, when the line wasn’t picked up-that would’ve been a mistake. I was called back in SECONDS, by a courteous and knowledgeable gentleman. He was extremely helpful with scheduling, as my schedule changes weekly. I didn’t even know WHERE the septic tank WAS, in this house. Before the worker arrived, he called to let me know he’d be there in 5 minute. I went out, to let him know that HE’D have to find it- which he did, within seconds. My Mom had NEVER pumped it out, in over 20 years. I was worried about the condition of the tank itself. Although it required a lot of extra effort to loosen the compacted waste, he took his time, and did a PERFECT job, AND inspect the tank thoroughly. I purchased the enzymes to flush the drains too, and they even sent an online pamphlet and schedule for the year long treatment-Now, I’ll never LOSE it!

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